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Whits Sponge Spider - (Pack of 3)

Whits Sponge Spider - (Pack of 3)

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Catch more fish with the "Whits Sponge Spider" foam fly. This intricately designed fly imitates the natural food sources trout love.

The buoyant foam body suspends temptingly on the water's surface. Segmented rubber legs move seductively in the current, mimicking a juicy terrestrial spider.

Tie one of these foam spiders on as an indicator for your nymph rig. The bright colors are easy to track on the surface of the water through your drift. The foam also floats high and won't sink your nymphs.

Fish this fly solo for explosive takes on top. Trout and panfish can't resist attacking the vulnerable foam spider as it lands delicately on the water.

Handcrafted using premium materials. The custom tied foam and rubber legs are durable yet lively in the water.

Bring the excitement of dry fly fishing with the Whits Sponge Spider.

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