Collection: Jesse Shook

Jesse Shook an avid Fly Tyer, Fly Fisher, and Fly Fishing Guide in Western North Carolina. I really enjoy the aspect of fly fishing that gets you out into nature and I’m able share knowledge that has been passed down to me from other fly fisherman in Western North Carolina. I love teaching people the art of fly fishing and fly tying, I help run a fly fishing club through Four H in my community where we take Middle and High school kids out to show them the fundamentals of fly fishing and fly tying. In these classes we go over river health, insect life, and different ways to read a stream or river. One of my favorite things about this program is showing the kids how we mimic different forms of insect life with fly tying and the vast amount of patterns out there. One thing I always tell someone when I take them into the back country of Western North Carolina is that we have some of the best trout streams in all of the United States, and coming out here and seeing these beautiful fish back in these mountains and streams is what it’s all about, it’s what I live for. 

To see more fly tying art by Jesse Shook, visit his instagram at @Western_Carolina_Flies and be sure to give him a follow!