Collection: Musky & Pike Flies

Golden Tippet's selection of Musky and Pike flies is tailored to meet the demands of targeting these apex freshwater predators. Our flies are engineered to withstand the toothy grips and aggressive fights that musky and pike are known for. Each fly is hand-tied with durability in mind, incorporating strong hooks and premium materials that can endure the rigors of casting large patterns.

Our range features a variety of sizes and styles, from articulated streamers that mimic the serpentine movement of prey, to topwater patterns that create irresistible surface disturbances. The colors are chosen to stand out in different water conditions and to trigger the innate predatory instincts of these formidable fish.

Whether you're working deep structures or weedy shallows, Golden Tippet's musky and pike flies are designed to deliver the action and resilience needed to attract a trophy catch. Equip yourself with our flies, and step into the water with confidence, ready for the ultimate freshwater challenge.